Start planning for your retirement today with a personal pension plan!


You probably already know that if you work in the U.S., you have access to a retirement plan through your employer, but did you know that there are certain benefits to setting up your own personal pension plan? A personal pension plan also called an individual retirement account (IRA), allows you to invest in a variety of different stocks and bonds, and pay taxes on those investments as you earn them rather than lumping all of the taxes together at the end of the year like you would with other types of investment accounts.

How to save up for your future

One of the best ways to protect yourself from financial hardship in your golden years is by building up an emergency fund. People are encouraged to save at least three months’ worth of their income in case they lose their jobs or suffer some other kind of setback.

Of course, you should aim to save more than that amount; financial experts recommend six months to one year’s worth of savings in order to safeguard against future financial setbacks.

Why everyone should invest in their future

There are many reasons why everyone should invest in their future. The most basic reason is that you’re making it more likely that you can maintain a comfortable lifestyle when you reach retirement age. Plus, there’s something inherently wrong with living at home into middle age just because there wasn’t enough money put away in savings accounts and investment portfolios. So, what exactly is a personal pension plan?

Who can benefit from a personal pension plan

Personal pension plans can benefit anyone who has income from self-employment, an unincorporated business, or rental property. When you begin collecting Social Security, you’ll have to pay taxes on it, and depending on what other sources of income you have, you may find yourself in a higher tax bracket.

A personal pension plan can help lower that tax burden by contributing part of each paycheck toward your future. To get started on yours call us at [phone number].


Investing in Small Steps

It may seem daunting to invest, but small steps add up over time. Even small contributions have an impact: If you invested $10 per week over 30 years and earned 8% annual interest, it would grow to nearly $500,000. And if you make one-time investments of $1,000 instead of weekly investments of $10, you’ll get closer to that big number even faster.

How You Can Benefit From A Personal Pension Plan

One of the most difficult decisions that you will have to make when it comes to your finances is how and when you will retire. The process of saving, investing, and determining which investment strategy works best for you is an important one.

No one wants to be unable to save enough money or choose an investment strategy that does not pan out as well as hoped. One solution many people are turning towards is a personal pension plan, also called an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA). What Are Personal Pension Plans?